Group Members

Paul Wiseman

Originally hailing from Nova Scotia, Paul studied at St Francis Xavier University and the University of Western Ontario before conducting research in Japan and California before joining McGill in 2001. He currently splits time between Montreal, his family home in Chicago, and the hockey rink. His students have never seen him doing work but are adamantly told that it is a quantum process and is happening when they are not looking.

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Dr. Sneha Paul

Sneha joined in March 2020 after completing her Ph.D. in Chemistry from University of Hyderabad, India. She enjoys learning new fluorescence spectroscopic and microscopic techniques. At the Wiseman lab, she employs in vivo fluorescence imaging and various fluorescence intensity based image analysis methods to understand biologically important questions related to membrane proteins. In her free time, she can be found binge watching, viewing travel vlogs or clicking pictures.

Ph.D. Students

Kamila Mustafina

Kamila joined in September 2016, after completing her B.Sc. in Chemistry from Jacobs University (Germany), where she previously undertook research in supramolecular chemistry. Her current projects includes cellular imaging using STED, a super-resolution microscopy technique.

Simon Sehayek

Simon joined in September 2013 in the Department of Physics after completing his B.Sc. in Honours Mathematics and Physics (McGill University). His current projects involve analyzing cytoskeletal dynamics using kICS and Super-Resolution Optical Fluctuation Imaging (SOFI) through simulations, and investigating statistics of correlation spectroscopy techniques.

M.Sc. Thesis: Refinements and extensions of correlation techniques applied to fluorescence microscopy (2015)

Rodrigo Migueles-Ramirez

Rodrigo is a PhD student in McGill’s [Quantitative Life Sciences Interfaculty Program]( He is jointly supervised by [Prof. Arnold Hayer]( and [Prof. Paul Wiseman]( Born and raised in Mexico city, he did his B.Sc. in Biochemistry and Molecular Medicine at the Université de Montréal and his M.Sc. in Biochemistry at the National Laboratory for Advanced Microscopy at the Biotechnology Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico (UNAM). He has worked on small GTPases signaling, focal adhesion formation in breast cancer cell migration, centriole biogenesis and more recently on actin cytoskeleton remodeling during endothelial cell migration. He’s fascinated with protein-protein interaction networks, signal transduction pathways and complex systems such as collective cell migration. When he is not analyzing live cell images or coding, he can be found out in the nature practicing amateur photography.

Ahmad Mahmood

Ahmad joined the lab in January 2021 in the Department of Physics. He completed his BSc. in Honours Mathematics and Physics and MSc. in Physics at McMaster University. His projects were supervised by Dr. Cécile Fradin and included protein-membrane interactions (simulation and experiment), and studying diffusion in heterogeneous 3D samples via construction of a SPIM-FCS (Single plane illumination microscopy - fluorescence correlation spectroscopy). His current project includes the construction of a super-resolution SPIM to perform STICS in 3D.

M.Sc. Students

David MacFarquhar

David joined the department in 2018 after completing his undergraduate degree in Engineering Physics at Queen's University and spending some time working in industry. He performs nonlinear fluoresence and harmonic generation imaging in collaboration with a variety of groups in chemistry, neuroscience and bioengineering.

Thomas Mosher

Thomas completed his BS in physics in 2019 and joined the department of Physics the same fall. He works on STICS analysis of images taken using traction force microscopy.

Sebastian Morales

Sebastian has been a part of the group since finishing his undergraduate degree at McGill and starting his MSc in the Chemistry department. He works on total interal reflection microscopy of cells.

Pamela Yaninska

Pamela joined the department in January 2020 after completing her B.Sc in Honours Physics at University of Leipzig, Germany. Her project is a collaboration between Wiseman's lab and Hendricks' lab (Bioeng. Department of McGill). She is currently working with STICS to investigate lysosome motility by comparing velocities and directionality for the different conditions. Additionally she works on characterizing the nanoscale architecture of the actin cytoskeleton using STORM (super-resolution fluorescence microscopy). Pamela is also working on a side project with another graduate student aiming to quantify the forces exerted by molecular motors in neurons using an optical trap.

Undergraduate Students

Kobi Pollard

Kobi is going into his final year in Biophysical Chemistry at McGill. He is doing data analysis using STICS for the summer 2020 semester under NSERC funding.

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